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The story dates back to 2010, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Three friends who loved to indulge in the finer eateries this city had to offer, were just starting on the path of evolving their palates with a variety of different ethnic foods and drinks. It became more of a gathering between all of us, but over time we all gravitated to one flavour that we all couldn’t survive without, Coffee.

Caffeine, a tea or a coffee, is a large part of the every day working or non-working adult. It’s the second most consumed liquid in your body after water.

The issue in North America has been the stigma that Asian Countries consume little-to-no coffee. That all we do is drink tea. That’s wrong.

Flash forward 10 years later, 2020 and we’re here to not only prove that we love coffee, but we are highly supporting South East Asian Countries and establishments by doing so because they are some of the most beautiful flavours that this world has ever seen. But how will we do that?

Well, this is our Mission Statement.

Throughout history, South East Asian countries have gone through turmoil whether it be for wars, controversies or other acts of violence towards their general populations, which have left them to fend for themselves.

We’re here to help by establishing a suitable and reoccurring inflow that aids such countries and their local impoverished population. We do this by importing and acquiring Green Beans directly from a supplier that supports specific organizations such as:

- ITDF (Integrated Tribal Development Foundation) - That provide healthy drinking water and education to the hill tribes, as well as a large initiative to ensure the longevity of work is given to the tribe members who want to work through cooperatives, and also to empower Women within the tribal communities to prosper as well. (Please check out https://itdfinternational.org/ to help donate and learn more)

And roasting them within our a local roasting partner in Montreal, so as to keep the freshness of these countries intact until our customers can pour it in their daily cup of coffee. This allows for the most optimum flavour profile and a unique taste that is incomparable, and allows for you to appreciate all the work put in by those individuals that much more.

We strictly manage to sell products directly to consumers using our online platform, and future potential South East Asian establishments to help break any of these future stigmas and to create a togetherness between all cultures and communities.